Summer is here, and this is also the time for people to have fun on the beach, plan an adventurous trek, or travel to their favorite places where they can relax and have a short vacation. In short, summer is the best time for us to have a thrilling adventure and make precious memories with our friends and loved ones.

And to complete this once-in-a-year experience, we need to have a reliable, classy, and innovative watch that can accompany us on these new exciting adventures. And in this list, we will show you the best summer timepieces just like the Tudor Heritage Black Bay and other more you could wear in this much-awaited season.

1. Tudor Heritage Black Bay

This iconic Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch represents 60 long years of excellence and competitiveness in the watchmaking industry by the brand. Powered by a mechanical movement and proven to be water-resistant, these timepieces are perfect for people who love to have an adventurous journey into the deep blue sea.

2. Alpina Seastrong Gyre Watch

In celebration of World's Ocean Day in June 2020, the well-known nature-loving Swiss watch brand Alpina introduced us to their new innovative diving timepiece, The Alpina Seastrong Gyre Watch.

True to their commitment to saving our planet's natural beauty for the next generation, this uniquely designed watch is made of recycled materials such as plastic waste. Specifically made for diving and any outdoor activity, this watch is a top pick for environmentalists and world explorers.

3. Garmin MARQ Golfer Smartwatch

Summertime is not only for swimming and diving. This season is also good for other sports such as playing golf. And this watch, the Garmin MARQ Golfer Smartwatch is a perfect timepiece that every man would desire to be with while playing their favorite sport.

With more than 41,000 preloaded golf courses in its memory, this smartwatch is an all-in-one gadget inside a watch that can level up your game to the next level -- a perfect and convenient timepiece for a pro or occasional player like many of us.

4. Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition

Dedicated to the World’s Seven Summit Mountaineering Challenge, the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Limited Edition is a go-to watch for people who dares to accept the rough and yet fulfilling exploration of mountaineering.

It has features such as world-time complications developed by the brand that provides its wearer with an instinctive way of appreciating various time zones all over the planet. The khaki green dial and straps make this watch look more classy and stylish. So choosing this watch will never be a bad choice for you.

5. Seiko Prospex ‘Captain Willard’ SPB151 Watch

Another diving watch on the list, the Seiko Prospex SPB151 Watch, also nicknamed Capt. Willard watches were introduced to the public in 2020. A design tailored from their famous Seiko vintage watches, it has state-of-the-art water-resistant technology. It's made of sapphire crystal and an aluminum bezel. A stylish and durable timepiece that is perfect be an everyday watch.

Final Thoughts

And that is the list of the best watches men should wear in this warm weather. So this summer, go and explore the world, relax with nature and have some fun while wearing this iconic and unique wristwatch. If you want to check out more dive watches, you may browse the catalog of