Have you ever wondered how some pastry chefs make delicious cakes with picture-perfect and meticulous decor? They can even make those glass-looking candy designs that make their pastries more delectable and mouth-watering. Their secret ingredient here is isomalt. It’s an edible sugar substitute on the market. It’s often used to create enjoyable decors that give an appealing look to cakes, candies, and other pastries. 

Cake decorators and pastry chefs worldwide deem this as a must-need ingredient to craft a beautiful candy decoration for their cakes and other desserts. If you want to know what kind of pastries you can make from isomalt, we will show some of the fun-to-make recipe ideas you can make in the comfort of your home. 

1. Tequila Sunrise Cake with Isomalt Decors

This cake is sure to be one of the loveliest cakes you and your friends will enjoy. The combination of orange zest, orange juice, and a pinch of tequila in the batter gives this pastry a rich and delightful flavor. And to make it more enticing, adding a beautiful sail-shape isomalt candy decor on the top of the tequila and orange flavor frosting will be a perfect pair for your lovely cake project.

2. Isomalt Christmas Cupcakes

This sweet and cute little cake is an all-time favorite treat, especially for kids during the holiday season. And for adults, these cupcakes are also a perfect pair for your hot mug of coffee during those cold days to bring warmth to this yuletide celebration. And by adding isomalt Christmas decors on top of every cupcake, you can level up your regular cupcake into a unique holiday dessert.

3. Isomalt Lemon Lollipops

Isomalt is a popular decoration element on baking cakes and other desserts as a sugar substitute that stays clear and sturdy after it is melted. But can this ingredient stand on its own? Of course! With its distinct property, this is a good choice of ingredients to make lollipops with different designs, styles, and tastes. 

You can create your desired color and taste by mixing the melted isomalt with food colorings and different fruit extracts that fit your desires. But if you want some citrus flavor, pour some lemon extract and sprinkle candies to create an Isomalt Lemon Lollipops.

4. Inside Out Fiery Cinnamon Suckers

Are you a fan of the movie Inside Out? If yes, then this Inside Out Fiery Cinnamon Suckers are the best recipe for you on this list. Just melt the cooked isomalt crystals in the oven, drop some cinnamon and fiery red colorings and reshape it until it forms and looks like a burning flame. And with a few minutes, you can now have and indulge in your own fiery cinnamon sucker.


 Isomalt is a well-known decorative medium in the world of the baking and cake-making industry. But with these simple recipes, we hope that from now on, everyone can now enjoy the experience of upgrading their regular cakes, dessert, and candies by using this ingredient to make them more inviting and desirable for everyone to enjoy!

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