Your room is your place of comfort, rest, and peace. Whether it is after a long day of work or a hectic day from school, you would prefer to relax in your comfort space. You might even choose to hang out in your room instead of going out on the weekends. And as your comfort place, you would like to decorate it to make the room more fitting to your preferences and interests.

Aside from a bed, a wardrobe, or any other furniture, you should also try to add other objects to make them more fitting or synonymous with you. It could be anything from decor to things that show your hobbies or interests. And if you want ideas on what to add, such as hanging wall baskets, here are three things you can pick.

1. Hanging Wall Baskets

Let us get started with something that most people probably do not have in their rooms. They may look plain or ordinary, but hanging wall baskets can bring a different aesthetic to your space. Depending on their appearance and color, they can give off a unique appeal that can complement your bedroom.

And unlike what most people would probably expect, these are not just any ordinary baskets. Some are refurbished into different creative and handy types of furniture. For instance, some are literal hanging baskets, while others have lamps inside of them. So with various appealing designs, you will never go wrong when you add these baskets to your room decoration.

2. Posters or Any Other Merchandise

Franchises and their respective fandoms are natural these days. It does not matter if it involves music, comics, movies, geek culture, or other forms of media. If you are part of a fandom, you want to show that you are a part of it. And if you want to show your pride, try displaying merchandise in your room.

Aside from posters, you can also place other merchandise as decorations. These can range from toy figures, Nendoroids, CDs, and even signed items. These objects can not only make your room more vibrant, but they can also show what are your interests.

3. Musical Instruments

And lastly, everyone enjoys music. Classical, indie, pop, rap, rock, metal - people have their respective tastes and preferences when it comes to their favorite tunes. When enthusiasts love their genres so much, they would most likely invest in a musical instrument so they could express themselves. And if you have a favorite genre that you would love to share with other people, you could also try and add a musical instrument to your space.

Strings, percussions, wind - it's your call to display which instrument you will practice or perfect. Displaying a musical instrument in your room will show your enthusiasm for music and give you a creative outlet. Do not forget to tune and maintain them!

In a Nutshell

Your room is your place of peace and comfort. It is where you can be yourself without worrying about what others might think. And you can express yourself more if you add what you prefer to decorate your room. These three options are just some of the many objects you can use to decorate your bedroom. If you want to know more, visit